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  Paris, France (filmed February, 1999)

La Grande Arche, La Défence, Paris, France

Click here for the view from the top of the Grande Arche

Sergeisergeievich and the Eiffel Tower in the background. The photograph was made on 2.2.1999, when it was 333 days to year 2000

View of the Champs Élysées street with Arc de Triomphe in the background

Pond structures in La Défence

Me and Venus de Milo in Louvre

The Original of La Gioconda
a.k.a. Mona Lisa in Louvre

A Classic Tour Eiffel view (333 digits also visible)

See also Speed trains at Gare du Nord

all images (c) by Sergeisergeievich, http://ssr.host.ru/
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