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  Sergeisergeievich's first parachute jump

On the 6th of May 2001 Sergeisergeievich performed his first parachute jump. A camera was taken in the flight and during the descent Sergeisergeievich was photographing himself and the outskirts. The whole thing happened near the city of Serpukhov in Moscow region, at the Serpukhov Flying Club.

Sergeisergeievich wearing parachute outfit is posing before doing the jump standing in front of Antonov-2 plane

The view of the Antonov-2 plane from which I jumped away from under the parachute after it had successfully filled out.

The Astonishing Self-Portrait
(this photo taken 100% by me)

The Serpukhov Flying Club airfield from the air (click the airfield to zoom)

Airfield surroundings

Approaching the ground (notice parachute's shadow)

This picture was taken after I had landed - my parachute was lying down, someone else had just landed and their parachute was still filled out, and someone was only going to land.

all images (c) by Sergeisergeievich, http://ssr.host.ru/
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