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This page used to be the collection of my photos of different places of the world as of 19992001. But later it was left unupdated while I continued to post my incoming photos to my LiveJournal blog. I have been planning to set up many pictures right here as well, provided with English language comments. But so far only pages presented below are properly translated, and this as of year 2001. The rest of pages (there are lots and increasing) are mainly in my blog with captions available only in Russian. I dont know when I have opportunity to prepare some decent content in English, so right now I provide those Russian pages translated via Google Translate automated service place names and some details are quite recognizable that way, just browse the geographical locations. To access them, follow this link:

   MY PHOTOS   (note you can press Translate at any time to return to index)
   (original Russian link)

Nevertheless, there is an amount of my material that is already kind of English-adapted. That means you are also welcome to visit my railway galleries at which have English language versions: CIS-related gallery, International gallery. As well as to check out my Wikimedia Commons gallery and LJ ScrapBook gallery where there are English captions.

Alternatively, you still can browse my older English-ready pages:

 1. ViS of the World
  La Sagrada Familia temple in Barcelona, Spain
  Visions of Paris, France
  Principality of Andorra
  Celebration performance in Berlin, Germany
  Stockholm, Sweden
  Helsinki, Finland

 2. ViS of Russia
  Plesetsk cosmodrome (featuring Sergeisergeievich)
  more photos of Russia via the link MY PHOTOS above

 3. Featured ViS
  Sergeisergeievich's unique airflights: First, Second, Parachute
  Solar eclipse in 1999 seen in the Ukraine
  Seagulls in Prague, Czech Republic

 4. World Railroads & Vehicles
  Speed trains at Gare du Nord in Paris, France
  Different types of trains in Spain
  Sweden - tunnelbana & spårtrafik
  Helsinki railway station, Finland
  Brussel Centraal
  My country galleries:
  Portugal, Thailand, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Sweden,
  Finland, France, Egypt and of course C. I. S..

 4. Domestic ViS
  Sergeisergeievich in Caucasus mountains

  much more authentic photos available via the link MY PHOTOS as above

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All pictures were made using amateur equipment. Sergeisergeievich is not a professional photographer and has made these shots for the purposes of his own curiosity

Re-publishing is permitted assuming proper credit to Sergei Rubliov and the website is given. Contact me for specific requests.


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